Get Your Construction White Card Online

If you live in Queensland, Australia, and need to visit construction sites regularly, you need a white card construction. This card is needed for construction workers, land testers, architects, engineers, and anyone who works on site in construction.

In the past, white card construction training was only carried out directly, with students listening while instructors taught. These courses take around four to eight hours – plus the inconvenience of travel time, finding the location of the course and parking. You can get white card training cairns from various online sources.

White card online construction training

The internet provides a lot of conveniences, and now, you can even get your white construction card online.

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Flexible online training – You can do your training at once or in a short segment. You can enter in the office or anywhere that suits you, and you can do it anytime.

White card online construction training can be completed in just one to two hours, freeing you to spend your time working and earning money. For entrepreneurs, this means they can make their employees work faster.

Note: The white card online construction training course requires identification

Queensland now requires trainees to provide identification verification when they utilize online training. Registered training organizations want to know that you are who you really are and that you yourself completed the training.

You need to provide an official copy of your SIM or other forms of identification, plus a declaration of law witnessed by one of the commissioners for the peace declaration or justice. You can usually get this in a shopping center, post office, or office location.