Lapel pins are a new trend now

Individuality – lapel pin

Lapel pins have been in fashion since many years. Recently, it is gaining popularity and is become a way an individual distinguishes himself. Its increasing use has led to various types of attachments to wearer’s attire.



Hat pins and stick pins:

Earlier as hat pins were common for women, lapel pins were fixed in the same way. Then came the stick pins designed for men, whose button became like an ID for the one who wore.

Tie Tacs:

As hat pins were popular with women, similarly tie tacs were popular attachments for men’s clothing. Soon then, mens lapel pins evolved in the same manner as the tie tacs. The pin pierces the fabric and then secured by a concealed clip.


Magnets were popular attachments. It was magnetically secured with another magnet through the fabric. The main advantage with magnets was that the fabric was not pierced with pin. On the contrary a thick fabric could not hold the magnet.

Lapel pins

Lapel pins are now an item used by men and women both. Once confined to only men, now even women are seen wearing different types of lapel pins. Men still wear lapel pins on formal clothing like coats and suits. If the occasion is not formal, then they are attached to the shirt collar. These pins are generally less expensive.

Women are equally creative. They attach these pins anywhere right from jacket to purse straps. It has become more of a fashion accessory than a badge to represent an organisation.