Entitlement For Temporary Release From Prison

 Humans, as a creation of God, are considered perfect. But part of being perfect is to commit sins both in the eyes of the Almighty and in the law. In fact, church was built for the sinners and not for the righteous one. LA bail bonds are very common to give the accused a chance to be presumed innocent.

A bond is something, usually in the form of money, given by a person to other to ensure that he or she will abide with the condition provided. There are actually different kinds of bonds and each kind has different purpose or reason. Some examples include, but not limited to, cash, performance and compliance bonds.

In judiciary, a person accused of violating some laws is given the chance, in fact entitled, to give bail for temporary release but in the condition that he will answer to any call of the court. Such is used as a security for someone to perform the things that was ordered to him. Example is present in every judicial hearing of the case with regard to him.

Needless to say, the reason of this scheme is to respect the inherent right of every person to be free from any prohibition. As a matter of fact, we all have the right of being presumed innocent until proven otherwise. At least said principle is being followed by most countries, after all such principle is protected by an international law which was ratified by almost the entire world.

Most states or countries separate the power of its three branches, namely, executive, legislative and judiciary. The separation of the three is not absolute and therefore encroachment is normal to happen sometimes. But as to the question on where do bails go, the answer is solely to the judiciary. After all, every bond is subject for reimbursement to the debtor.

To reiterate, and of course to put emphasis, all of us are entitle to be temporarily released after giving enough amount determined by the judge presiding the case. However, such is not always the case because heinous crimes and those punishable by death and life imprisonment are not allowed to give bond. In any case, as long as the evidence of guilt is not strong, the accused may still request for it. At least this situation is true to some jurisdiction.

Naturally, this right is not automatic therefore a legal counsel must show first that a person is entitled to such. In other words, the accused has the inviolable right to engage for the service of lawyer who will handle his case. Such will be chosen personally by the former otherwise the court will appoint one competent enough to handle the same.

Because of its very noble purpose, citizens are very thankful to this method. It gives time to any individual to reflect about things to be able to come up with the right decision. Indeed, second chances are always the best. Not only that it enables you to become free from any control but it actually helps a person experience new things.

On the other hand, no matter how good its purpose is we still have to admit that it sometimes become the reason of injustice. Poor cannot give money right away or at least wealthy citizens, like politicians, use this scheme to avoid justice. As a matter of fact, poor citizens are being put to cell even though they are innocent because due to their economic status.